Friday, November 11, 2011

breathalyzer law

Breathalyzers must be correctly administered and calibrated in order to get even a rough reading of a person's blood alcohol content. The machine reads the blood alcohol content (BAC) of breath, not the blood. The heart rate may climb and affect the breathing pattern of an individual. Since breathalyzers rely on the alcohol content of the actual breath, the device may have a hard time delivering an accurate reading. Cell volume of blood differs among individuals and can also affect a reading. Contamination of the device may also change a reading.
Many companies now offer products that allow drivers to check blood alcohol content before getting behind the wheel. Determining true blood alcohol content does require analyzing a blood sample. However, the alcohol breathalyzer is able to accurately estimate what that level is by measuring the amount of alcohol that is on a person's breath. The devices can also be valuable teaching tools for young adults to help them learn the affect of alcohol on their bodies.
The Breath Sample Collection is an important factor of any unit

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